This program is by invitation only - if you have not received an invitation please email us at to apply. 



We are a luxe clothing brand that offers quality clothing made just for it girls and fashionistas. Our products are designed in Los Angeles, CA and are inspired by #thatluxelife. We believe in indulging in the little luxuries of life and want to bring that experience to our Fatale Babes. Our founding babes can be found at our head office in Vancouver! 


Welcome to the program babe! Lets get right down to our favourite perk: $$$. You will earn 10% on all referral sales. This adds up quickly - especially if you use our trackable links. Once someone clicks on your link, any purchase that person makes within 5 days of clicking on that link will get added to your commission! 

To help you start earning - we've added a $5 commission bonus to your account. It's already there for you and will be paid out to you when you receive your commission pay out. 

You will receive a 30% discount on most of our styles (excluding sale items).

As a Fatale Babe you will also have access to exclusive sales, giveaways and new arrivals. You will receive offers to get an exclusive sneak peek at our incoming styles and pre-order them so you get them before everyone else!

We choose Fatale Babes every month to join our Brand Influencer program. In our Brand Influencer program we send you free clothing items of your choice. We choose Fatale Babes who create content that is relevant to our brand and that connect with our audience. 

If you are successful in the Brand Influencer program you may be eligible to get an ambassadorship with Luxe Fatale in which you will receive PR packages with unreleased styles for up to 12 months.


Our Fatale Babes have the exclusive ability to earn PR packages each month based on their referral earnings (commission). 

Earn $100 - $249 in commission and receive an item of your choice.
Earn $249 - $499 in commission and receive our PR package of the month.
Earn $500 - $1000 in commission and receive a PR package for 3 months.
Earn $1000+ in commission and receive a PR package for 12 months.


Let's get to work babe! We are currently on Instagram and YouTube. Anytime you post a Luxe Fatale outfit please tag us @luxe.fatale #fatalebabe. 

We LOOOOOOOVE to repost our #fatalebabes. We're like a family around here and we truly believe in building a strong community where our Fatale Babes can communicate and work with one another. 

Posting on social media can be tough and we don't want to make it harder. Here are some guidelines to keep our #fatalebabe community safe: 

  • We do not tolerate any hate speech, shaming or otherwise violent content. 
  • We are an all-inclusive brand and we will not tolerate any aggressive behaviour towards absolutely anyone.

Fatale Babes who neglect to follow these guidelines will be terminated immediately. 


We currently make payments using PayPal or you can choose to receive gift cards to LUXEFATALE.COM instead. Just let us know when you receive your payout notification. 

You must reach $100 in unpaid commission before the last day of the month to receive your payout. Your commission will be paid out to you on by the 15th of the following month. 


If you would like to terminate your account please contact us at COLLAB@LUXEFATALE.COM and include your BA ID. One of our Collaboration Specialist will get back to you within 24 hours. 

We reserve the right to terminate accounts based on negligence, account performance and/or misconduct. 


Ready to sign up? 

Follow the link:

Again, this invitation to this program is just for you. If you have a friend that you think would be great for this program or would like to create content with - please have them email us at COLLAB@LUXEFATALE.COM with their social media handles.